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Discover the Secret to Success: Pokemon Sleep Nature Guide

In 2002, Pokemon games like Ruby and Sapphire started paying more attention to nature. Now, after 21 years, Pokemon Sleep is here to change things up. It’s not all about battles anymore. The Pokemon in Niantic’s sleep-tracking app don’t want to fight each other. Instead, their natures only affect how good they are at helping out.

All About Pokemon Natures in Pokemon Sleep

Just like in regular Pokemon games, Pokemon Sleep has 25 Natures that change how a Pokemon behaves. But because there are no battles in this game, these Natures only make a difference in five things: Helping Speed, Energy Recovery, Finding Ingredients, Earning EXP, and Using Special Skills.

Now, here’s the complete list of all the different Natures in Pokemon Sleep and what each of them does:

Pokemon Sleep NatureEffect
Adamant↑ Speed of Help ↓ Ingredient Finding
Brave↑ Speed of Help ↓ EXP Gains
Bold↑ Energy Recovery ↓ Speed of Help
Calm↑ Main Skill Chance ↓ Speed of Help
Careful↑ Main Skill Chance ↓ Ingredient Finding
Gentle↑ Main Skill Chance ↓ Energy Recovery
Hasty↑ EXP Gains ↓ Energy Recovery
Impish↑ Energy Recovery ↓ Ingredient Finding
Jolly↑ EXP Gains ↓ Ingredient Finding
Lonely↑ Speed of Help ↓ Energy Recovery
Lax↑ Energy Recovery ↓ Main Skill Chance
Modest↑ Ingredient Finding ↓ Speed of Help
Mild↑ Ingredient Finding ↓ Energy Recovery
Naive↑ EXP Gains ↓ Main Skill Chance
Naughty↑ Speed of Help ↓ Main Skill Chance
Quiet↑ Ingredient Finding ↓ Exp Gains
Rash↑ Ingredient Finding ↓ Main Skill Chance
Relaxed↑ Energy Recovery ↓ EXP Gains
Sassy↑ Main Skill Chance ↓ EXP Gains
Timid↑ EXP Gains ↓ Speed of Help

The Top Natures for Recruiting Pokemon

When it comes to getting the best results in Pokemon Sleep, Gentle, Sassy, Careful, and Calm Natures are some of the top choices. These Natures make it more likely for your Pokemon to use their main skills, which can help you a lot with recovering, gaining EXP, and collecting resources. If you prefer a playstyle that focuses on speed, you can also consider Natures like Lonely, Adamant, Naughty, and Brave, as they boost Helping Speed.

What Does Neutral Mean in Pokemon Sleep?

In Pokemon Sleep, there are Natures called “neutral” that don’t change a Pokemon’s stats at all. These Natures include Bashful, Hardy, Docile, Quirky, and Serious. The reason they don’t make any difference is because they increase and decrease the same abilities, so it all adds up to 0% change.

How to Switch Natures in Pokemon Sleep

In Pokemon Sleep, you can’t change a Pokemon’s Nature like you can in the regular Pokemon games. There are no items like Mints, and things like Evolutionary Rocks only affect a Pokemon’s evolution.

Right now, the only way to get a Pokemon with a different Nature is by catching a new Pokemon of the same type. Since there are 25 different Natures, there’s about a 4% chance of finding one with the Nature you want.

How to Make the Most of Pokémon Natures in Battles

Using your Pokémon’s nature to your advantage is a smart strategy in battles. You can gain the upper hand by strengthening the stat that your Pokémon is naturally good at and decreasing the one they won’t use much.

It’s a better idea to focus on enhancing the stat your Pokémon is already strong in, rather than trying to improve a stat that will always be weaker due to their nature.

For example, if you have a timid Pikachu, their nature boosts speed but lowers attack. So, to make the most of this nature and unlock its full potential, try to increase its speed stat as much as you can.

You can play Pokemon Sleep on mobile devices right now!

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