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Master Astel: How to Cheese Elden Ring Boss

How to cheese astel elden ring? Astel is a boss in Elden Ring that can be challenging to defeat. However, there are some strategies that can make the fight easier. Here are some tips on how to cheese Astel:

  • Use ranged attacks: Astel has a lot of health and can deal significant damage up close. Therefore, it’s best to keep your distance and use ranged attacks to whittle down his health.
  • Use summons: Summoning other players or NPCs can help distract Astel and give you an opportunity to attack him without taking damage.
  • Use status effects: Astel is vulnerable to Scarlet Rot, Poison, and Blood Loss. Inflicting these status effects can help you deal more damage over time.
  • Use Mimic Tear Ashes: Mimic Tear Ashes can be used to distract Astel and give you an opportunity to attack him without taking damage.

These are some of the strategies that can help you cheese Astel in Elden Ring. However, keep in mind that these strategies may not work for everyone and may require some practice to execute effectively.

Using Mimic Tear Ashes

Mimic Tear Ashes are a consumable item in Elden Ring that can be used to take some aggro off the boss. When used, the ashes will create a cloud of smoke that will distract the boss and make it less likely to attack you. This can be especially useful when you need to heal or when you need to get in close for a critical hit.

Using Mimic Tear Ashes

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Let Your Summon Take Most of the Heat

Summoning allies can be a great way to take some of the heat off you while you attack Astel. To summon allies, you’ll need to find the summoning pool in the Grand Cloister. Once you’ve found it, interact with it to summon an NPC to help you in the fight.

Let Your Summon Take Most of the Heat

Target Astel’s Weak Spot

Astel’s weak spot is its head. Hitting it with heavy, vertical attacks like jumping heavy attacks can help break Astel’s posture, opening it up for a Critical Hit. Strike weapons work best for this strategy.

For sorcerers, Rock Sling is your best bet here; Faith builds will find success with Stone of Gurranq. A highly leveled up bow and arrow can do the trick too. Ranged Ashes like Latenna and Ancestral Follower will almost always aim for the head, dealing extra damage from afar.

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Break Astel’s Posture

Breaking Astel’s posture is key to opening him up for a Critical Hit. One of the most effective ways to do this is to use heavy, vertical attacks like jumping heavy attacks. Strike weapons work best for this strategy.

Dodge Astel’s Moves

Astel has a varied moveset of unpredictable attacks. To avoid getting caught off guard, you’ll want to keep your distance at various points throughout the fight. Consider equipping a weapon or spell with good range so you can continue getting in damage from afar.

Here are some moves to look out for and how to avoid them:

  • Four Waves: Astel creates four waves of energy that move outward from its body. To dodge these, get as far back as possible and run to the side. Then, you’ll have an easier time of dodge-rolling through the one or two projectiles that fly in your direction.
  • Grab: Astel’s pincers begin to glow with energy before it grabs you. Wait a little longer before dodging the incoming grab.
  • Claw Swipe: Astel swipes its claw at you, leaving behind a trail of pink dust. If you see anything like pink dust, run or dodge away immediately. That pink stuff eventually explodes and can kill you if you are caught off guard .

It’s important to note that Astel’s moves cover a lot of ground, so you’ll still have to dodge them even if you’re far away from it. Keep moving and stay alert!

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