Choosing Your Best Starter Pokémon: A Definitive Ranking

When you start a new Pokémon game, you face a tough decision: you have to pick one of three super cute creatures, but you don’t really know which one is best for your adventure. All three are good, but to be one of the top Pokémon starters, you need to be more than just “good.”

You have to be special, adorable, strong, and have a name that people recognize, even if they’re not big Pokémon fans. It’s not enough to be good in battles; the best Pokémon starters need to be famous. They might not all be as famous as Pikachu, but they can come close. Here, you’ll see a list of all the starter Pokémon, ranked from best to not-so-best.


Pikachu is like the biggest superstar in the Pokémon world. You might not be a fan, but Pikachu is like the superhero of Pokémon. People all over the world know Pikachu, from little kids to even grandmas. It’s like the Mickey Mouse of its time. So, when we talk about the best starter Pokémon, can you think of a better choice? I don’t think so!


Charmander is one of the most adorable starter Pokémon ever. If you watched the early Pokémon cartoons when you were younger, you’d know why. It’s super cute! But here’s the cool part: Charmander grows up into a real powerhouse. It gets wings on its back and horns on its head when it evolves.

Plus, in the first generation of Pokémon, there aren’t too many Fire-types around, but there are a bunch of Grass and Bug-types. So, Charmander is a pretty smart pick because it’s strong against those types.


Eevee is sort of like a starter Pokémon, especially in the game “Pokémon: Let’s Go, Eevee!” What’s cool about Eevee is that it can turn into eight different forms when it evolves. Some folks even like Eevee more than Pikachu, which might sound surprising!

But here’s the catch: In the game where Eevee is a starter, it can’t evolve into those cool forms, which is a little bit of a letdown. Still, lots of Pokémon fans really love Eevee because it’s super cute and versatile, and it’s easy to see why.


Cyndaquil is pretty cool, but when it comes to charm and charisma, Chimchar takes the cake. Just check out this cheerful little monkey jumping around – it’s impossible not to adore!

Even though the Fire/Fighting combo has been used a lot, it’s totally worth it for the agile strength of Infernape. Plus, it’s extra special because it’s one of Ash’s favorite Pokémon in the anime!


Rowlet got chosen to be a star in the Pokémon cartoon, and it really left a mark. In the show, Rowlet is kinda demanding and likes to play tricks, but in the games, it seems like the sweetest thing.

When Rowlet grows up, it becomes Decidueye, which is also a star in the game Pokkén Tournament. This shows how Rowlet made a big impact both in the anime and video games.


This starter has a straightforward design, yet it’s bursting with personality. Take a look at it, standing confidently with a smug smile. It acts like it’s better than you, and you can’t help but agree. I’d pick this sassy snake over almost any other creature any day!


Cyndaquil is like a really cute baby, you know? Even though its evolved form, Typhlosion, might not look as impressive as Charizard, Cyndaquil in its basic form is probably the best Fire-type starter overall. This little critter is super innocent, and it definitely doesn’t want to accidentally burn everything you hold dear with the flames on its back.


This cute penguin goes through quite a transformation as it grows up. Piplup is absolutely adorable, and it’s the partner of Dawn in the anime, which makes it even more special. It’s got tons of personality!

Now, when it becomes Prinplup, it might seem a little awkward in the middle stage, but when it evolves into Empoleon, it becomes a true beauty. It keeps its original theme but turns into something majestic and royal. Plus, the Water/Steel type combo it has is not appreciated enough!


Totodile is a mischievous little guy, and that’s totally okay. In the second generation of Pokémon, Totodile is the Water-type starter, and it’s like a baby crocodile, or maybe an alligator – it’s a bit tricky to tell, especially when it turns into Feraligatr.

But when Totodile is just itself, it’s the kind of creature that you’d want as a pet and take on walks. Well, at least until it grows up and evolves!


Even though Spirgatito’s evolution didn’t stay on all fours like we thought it might, it’s still a really great starter Pokémon. It’s a combo of Grass and Dark types, which we haven’t seen a lot, but it turns out awesome. Meowscarada, its evolved form, looks like a cool magician and has the smarts and strength to back it up!


Nintendo didn’t hide the fact that they wanted Greninja to be a big part of their franchise once they saw how much people loved it. It’s pretty clear why. Even though the tongue-scarf might be a bit strange, the whole ninja idea fits perfectly with this sleek frog look, making it a great choice for games like Smash Bros.

And if you look at Froakie and Frogadier, they’re also awesome designs that really bring out the best parts of a frog!


Another Fire-type? Yup, but Fire-types stand out with their super cool colors, and the sly fox Fennekin is just too cute to resist. Fennekin grows up into Braixen, which even showed up in Pokkén Tournament. And if you keep evolving it, it becomes Delphox, a powerful Fire/Psychic-type Pokémon.


People used to make fun of Bulbasaur, saying it was the odd one out in the original trio of starters. But as time went on, everyone realized that good taste always wins, and now Bulbasaur is just as loved as Charmander and Squirtle. It’s a perfect example of how the simple designs in Generation 1 can turn into awesome creatures. Bulbasaur grows up into a powerful monster but still keeps its cute face and tons of personality.


The Treecko evolution line is amazing at every stage. Treecko starts off cute but has a tough and serious side to it. Grovyle takes that coolness up a notch with even more personality, making it maybe the best of the bunch. But then, Sceptile steps in, looking like a total beast that could slice through anything faster than you can blink!


Squirtle is the last of the three original starters. It has the same good qualities as Charmander and Bulbasaur, but its design might be a tad simpler, making it not as fancy as the others. But still, Squirtle is a fantastic Pokémon that many trainers picked as their very first partner. So, there’s really nothing to complain about when it comes to Squirtle!


Chikorita and its evolved forms, Bayleef and Meganium, might have some of the most straightforward starter designs. But you know what? Sometimes simple is nice. It doesn’t have to be all fancy. They’re like grassy dinosaurs with a cool power around their necks. Their faces show a lot of emotion, and you can picture them as really lovable and fun partners!


Who doesn’t love a cute kitty? This one’s got a mischievous side, and that makes it even more lovable. Litten might have a bit of a moody vibe compared to Fennekin or Sprigatito, but it’s cute in its own special way. And when it grows up, it becomes a tough wrestler – that’s why it made it into the Super Smash Bros lineup!


Turtwig is not just fun to say; it’s also a determined and strong-willed little tortoise. When it grows up, it becomes really impressive, with a determined look in its eye and a whole mini-garden on its back. It feels like just raising one of these to its final form could maybe even help with climate change… well, that’s my guess!


Now, for the Gen 7 trio, we have Popplio. Unlike many Water-type starters, Popplio doesn’t change into a standing-up shape when it evolves. Primarina, its final form, has a really special design that sets it apart from the rest. The only downside is that Popplio and Brionne, its middle form, might not be the most exciting to look at.


Setting the memes aside, who doesn’t adore Mudkip? Okay, I get it, the Mega-Evolution of Swampert in Gen 6 might not be everyone’s cup of tea. But if we focus on the regular evolution line, it’s a fantastic example of how starters grow. Mudkip is just bursting with cuteness, Marshstomp is a bit awkward, and then Swampert is all set to take on the world. And guess what? That adorable face from Mudkip’s basic form is still there!


Q: Which Starter Pokémon Has the Strongest Evolution?

When it comes to evolution, Charmander’s transformation into Charizard stands out as one of the most awe-inspiring journeys. Its fiery prowess and majestic presence make it a formidable ally.

Q: What Starter Pokémon Best Represents Leadership?

Sceptile’s natural leadership qualities, displayed through its dignified demeanor and strategic thinking, make it a prime example of a leader among starter Pokémon.

Q: Which Starter Pokémon Embodies Perseverance?

The embodiment of perseverance is none other than Mudkip. Its ability to endure challenges and emerge victorious serves as an inspiration to all trainers.

Q: What Starter Pokémon Showcases Versatility?

In the realm of versatility, no one shines brighter than Greninja. Its dual typing and swift movements allow it to adapt to various situations, keeping opponents on their toes.

Q: Which Starter Pokémon Holds the Deepest Bond with Trainers?

The bond between trainers and their Pokémon reaches its zenith with Pikachu. Its unwavering companionship and shared experiences make it an irreplaceable friend.

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