The Ultimate Guide to the Best Snake Pokémon: Unraveling the Coils of Choice

In the Pokemon world, lots of Pokemon are based on real animals. That’s one big reason why Pokemon became so popular. Some other franchises, like Digimon, didn’t get as popular.

Real animals make us feel like we know the Pokemon, even though they’re not real. That’s why we find them cute, like the list of cute Pokemon we talked about earlier. Who wouldn’t like a fluffy dog, even if it could breathe fire?

But not all Pokemon are cute and cuddly. Some are inspired by animals that can be really dangerous, like snakes!

Snakes don’t have legs and they slither around. They don’t have a good reputation with people, especially little kids. We’re scared of snakes, and that’s okay. Our ancestors had to be careful around them because a snake bite could be deadly.

But there are some snake Pokemon that look amazing, and anyone would want them on their team.

So, we decided to make a list of the best snake Pokemon for this year. Here are the results!

Number 15: Huntail!

Huntail first showed up in the third generation of Pokemon, and it’s been part of the snake Pokemon group for quite some time.

Now, in the Hoenn region, there’s a whole bunch of water, which can make traveling tough. Imagine trying to get around when Huntail and Wingull are always coming after you!

Huntail is a real go-getter when it comes to hunting. They have tails that look like fish, and they use them to attract their prey.

Even though Huntail might look a bit silly, a lot of trainers in the Hoenn region really like them. They’re strong-willed Pokemon and can deal out some serious damage in battles.

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Number 14: Onix

Onix is one of the scariest Pokemon ever! It’s like a massive snake made of rocks. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere near this creature when it’s slithering around, looking for tasty rocks to munch on.

And guess what makes it even scarier? Onix can turn its head a full 360 degrees!

Onix became really famous because it was in the original Pokemon TV show. It was a close buddy of Brock, the character who liked pretty girls a lot!

In the Kanto region, Onix is one of the toughest Pokemon. When it digs into the ground, it can cause small earthquakes. And the tunnels it leaves behind become homes for Digletts, those little ground-dwelling Pokemon.

When Onix turns 100 years old, it evolves into Steelix. Now that’s a big change!

Number 13: Seviper

Seviper is one scary-looking Pokemon that first showed up in the Hoenn region. It used to give local Pokemon a tough time with its venomous fangs and tail.

Seviper’s venom is one of the strongest poisons in the Pokemon world. It doesn’t just come from its fangs but also from its tail, which looks like a giant knife.

This Pokemon is known for hunting down Zangoose and Octillery wherever they’re found. It’s even called the “apex predator” because it’s at the top of the food chain.

Some people really don’t like Seviper because it seems mean, but Team Rocket, especially Jessie, loves having Seviper around. Despite its villainous image, Seviper is a powerful Pokemon and a great addition to any Pokemon team.

Number 12: Ekans

Ekans isn’t the toughest snake on this list, but it’s super popular, especially because it had a little job with Team Rocket. Whenever Jessie wanted to swipe Ash’s Pikachu, Ekans was her go-to Pokemon.

In the anime, Ekans didn’t win many battles, but its goofy personality made fans like it. And guess what? “Ekans” is just “snake” spelled backward!

Ekans and Seviper are similar. You can find Ekans in grassy areas, quietly slithering around. It looks for Pidgey nests where the mother Pokemon isn’t around so it can try to snatch some eggs.

Number 11: Sandaconda

Sandaconda is one of the strangest-looking snakes you’ll find here. It’s done something unique – coiled its tail around its body to protect its head. This Pokemon is a newcomer, joining the Pokemon world in the 8th generation games.

Sandaconda gets its strength from sand. It swallows sand and wraps it around its head. This makes its body super tough because it’s full of sand and gravel. Then, it shoots all that sand out of its nostrils, and they look like a double-barreled shotgun!

In the Galar region, Sandaconda is one of the best Pokemon. When it Gigantamaxes, it becomes even stronger, and its body looks like a swirling tornado. That’s pretty impressive!

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Number 10: Arbok

Now, we’re in the top ten, and we’ve got another favorite snake Pokemon – Arbok! Just like Ekans, the name “Arbok” is the word “cobra” spelled backward. It also evolved from Ekans and was used by Jessie in the anime.

But Arbok is quite different from Ekans. While Ekans was a bit weak, slithering around in grasslands looking for food, Arbok is a top-notch predator. It’s a hunter!

Arbok is big, and it uses its size to scare away attackers and opponents. What’s even cooler is that it can regenerate its entire body if it ever gets cut. That’s like having Wolverine’s power!

Number 9: Zygarde (50% Form)

Zygarde is one of the most unusual Pokemon out there. First off, it’s made up of these strange little parts called Zygarde cells and Zygarde Cores.

When these Zygarde Cores gather together, Zygarde takes shape. At 10% Forme, it looks like a dog. At 50%, it turns into a snake, and at 100%, it’s kind of like a giant robot.

The 50% Forme is what gets Zygarde on this list. In this form, Zygarde resembles a King Cobra with a big head and other cells lined up behind it, making it look really scary.

Zygarde, along with Yveltal and Xerneas, forms the Aura Trio in the Kalos region.

Number 8: Giratina

Giratina is like the bad guy of the Pokemon world. It got banished to a place called the Distortion Realm, which is kind of like Pokemon’s version of hell. This happened because it did something really bad against Arceus, who’s like the Pokemon God. Giratina is super powerful and rules over the Distortion Realm with an iron fist.

It’s part of a trio of legendary Pokemon in Sinnoh, along with Dialga and Palkia.

Giratina might look like a giant centipede in its regular form, but when it goes back to its original form, it looks like a snake-like creature. And don’t be fooled by its lack of legs. It can move even faster in this form. It’s like the ultimate bad guy, making holes in reality and traveling across dimensions like a shadow.

For some reason, it even visits cemeteries. Some Pokemon folks really wanted to make Giratina the scariest villain in the whole Pokemon world!

Number 7: Eternatus

In the Galar region, there’s a Pokemon named Eternatus, and it’s one of the toughest ones out there. Even its name sounds super important. Some trainers might even give up a match just by seeing it. Eternatus is like a huge dragon-like Pokemon with a long snake-shaped body.

When Eternatus gets super-sized by Eternamaxing, it becomes even bigger and starts to look even more like a snake. It’s not like other Pokemon in Galar because it’s an alien Pokemon. Even its design is totally different from what you’d expect in Galar.

Eternatus is so powerful that its energy leaks into the Galar region, causing the Dynamax phenomenon. That’s when Pokemon turn into gigantic versions of themselves and get even stronger. It’s a big deal!

Number 6: Dragonair

Dragonair is like a serpentine dragon, and it lives in lakes and oceans. It’s got a long, slender body, which makes it different from the other snake-like Pokemon on this list. But here’s the cool part – Dragonair doesn’t slither around. Nope, it actually flies through the sky.

You’ll notice it has these small wings on its head that can grow really big. But most of the time, it doesn’t even need those wings. It just floats gracefully through the air. People think its graceful floating is because of some mystical energy it has.

Now, Dragonair is a really gentle Pokemon. It doesn’t go around attacking humans. In fact, it’s said to have some kind of magical quality. When people see Dragonair, they feel like there’s a magical aura around it. Some folks even mistake it for a god because it looks so heavenly and calming.

But don’t be fooled by its gentleness. Dragonair is powerful and can take on almost any Pokemon that gets in its way. After all, it’s what they call a “pseudo-legendary.” That means it’s pretty close to being a legendary Pokemon!

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Number 5: Gyarados

Now, we’re in the top 5, and we’ve got the ultimate destroyer – Gyarados! This Pokemon is like the Hulk of the Pokemon world. It’s always in a bad mood, looking for things to wreck.

Gyarados’s temper is so terrible that if you make it angry once, it’ll go on a rampage and won’t stop until everything in its path is destroyed. This has even led to villages and towns being turned into rubble.

It’s one of the best water-type Pokemon in the whole franchise.

People are so scared of Gyarados that they call it the god of destruction. No one dares to make it mad. But why is it so angry?

Well, Pokemon scientists think that when a Magikarp evolves into Gyarados, its brain changes so much that it becomes super violent. And get this – Gyarados can even crush steel with its fangs! If I were a Steelix, I’d definitely steer clear of this angry sea serpent.

Number 4: Serperior

Serperior is one of the starter Pokemon from the 5th generation. It starts with legs and feet when it’s little, but as it evolves, it loses all its legs. Its hands become tiny, just like a T-rex.

Serperior acts like it’s better than all the other Pokemon, and its name actually means “superior.” It’s really strong and hardly ever faces challenges from other Pokemon, which is why some say it has a bit of a God Complex.

In pictures made by Pokemon, Serperior is often shown proudly displaying its lush green body. It even has a fancy collar!

But here’s the thing – Serperior won’t attack unless a Pokemon isn’t scared of it. It’s all about that intimidating gaze!

Number 3: Milotic

The moment Milotic appeared, fans fell in love with it. I mean, just take a look; it’s like the most divine creature in the whole Pokemon world, even more divine than Dragonair. This elegant Pokemon comes from a rather odd-looking fish called Feebas. Feebas is, well, not very pretty and super rare. But if you level it up, it can transform into this beauty, so it’s totally worth catching.

Milotic has a unique power – it can calm down angry humans. So, when Milotic’s around, it’s tough to stay mad.

In the Pokemon world, Milotic is a superstar. It’s often the focus of beautiful paintings, and artists from all over gather to capture its stunning beauty on canvas.

And don’t underestimate its strength. Milotic is a water-type Pokemon, and it’s incredibly strong. In fact, Cynthia, one of the greatest Pokemon Champions ever, had a Milotic. If you’ve ever battled Cynthia, you’ll know just how powerful her Milotic was!

Number 2: Steelix

Just one glance at Steelix, and you’ll get why most folks in the Pokemon world don’t want to run into this Pokemon in the wild. Steelix is massive, made of steel or some super tough metal that’s said to be even stronger than diamonds. After living deep under the earth’s crust for years, it evolves into this colossal creature that loves to dig even deeper than any Onix.

Steelix can dig all the way to the earth’s core without breaking a sweat – that’s how tough it is. And if its strength and scary appearance weren’t enough, Steelix also has a bit of a short temper.

But here’s the kicker – when Steelix Mega-Evolves, it becomes nearly unbeatable. Its HP goes through the roof, and even powerful moves like Z moves can’t put a dent in it. It’s a real powerhouse!

Number 1: Rayquaza

Now, we’ve reached the top of the list with the incredible Rayquaza. This Pokemon is like a space dragon that lives way up in the outer atmosphere of Earth. It’s practically a god-like figure in the Pokemon world. Rayquaza’s job is to watch over our planet, keeping the balance between land and water and making sure that Groudon and Kyogre don’t start any fights.

Rayquaza is probably the most powerful Pokemon out there. When it Mega Evolves, it becomes unstoppable. Not even the mighty God Arceus can take it down in that form.

But it’s not just about power. Rayquaza also has the coolest design in the whole Pokemon universe. That green, serpent-like body is iconic and unlike anything else you’ll find in the world of Pokemon.

This Pokemon has been around for millions of years, so trying to tame it is a real challenge. You’d need a special Master Ball to have any hope of catching it.

And there you have it, our list of the top 15 snake Pokemon is complete! We hope you’ve enjoyed learning about these amazing creatures and are now a true expert on Snake Pokemon.


Q1: What Makes Snake Pokémon Stand Out in the Pokémon World?

Snake Pokémon stand out due to their distinctive designs, often inspired by real-world serpents, and their wide array of abilities that range from poison-based attacks to strategic moves that keep opponents guessing.

Q2: Are Snake Pokémon More Suited for Offensive or Defensive Playstyles?

Snake Pokémon exhibit a versatile playstyle, capable of both offensive and defensive strategies. Their diverse movepools allow trainers to customize their approach based on the battle’s flow and the opponent’s team composition.

Q3: How Does the Evolution of Snake Pokémon Compare to Other Categories?

The evolution of Snake Pokémon often showcases dramatic changes in appearance and abilities. This sets them apart from many other categories, as their transformations can be both visually stunning and strategically significant.

Q4: Which Snake Pokémon Have Achieved Legendary Status in Competitive Play?

Among the Snake Pokémon, Serperior and Arbok have gained recognition in competitive play. Their unique abilities and moves make them formidable contenders in various formats and battles.

Q5: What Role Do Snake Pokémon Play in the Pokémon Lore and Mythology?

Snake Pokémon have been associated with themes of mystery, transformation, and even protection in Pokémon lore. Their presence in myths and legends adds depth to the Pokémon world’s rich narrative tapestry.

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